Business Type

Manufacturing and trading of Jute products

Key Focus

Best-in-class Jute products using state-of-the-art machineries

Bag Production Capacity

80,000 bags per day

Printing Capacity (Multicolour)

40,000 bags per day

Installed Looms

Broad, Hessian, Sacking and Rapier

Yearly Sales Revenue

US$ 25 million (approximately)

Total Employees (2017)

4,000 approximately

Total Production Capacity (2017)

Yarn and Twine

12,000 Metric Tons


4,500 Metric Tons


2,500 Metric Tons


500 Metric Tons

Main Products

Yarn and Twine

CRM, CRT, CRX and CRP for high-speed automatic carpet looms; yarn and twine in small spools for tobacco and agro-based industries; fused yarn for explosives; multi-plied twine for cable, wire and rope; bleached, dyed and treated yarn; wax-coated yarn

Hessian (Full Bright, Bleached and Coloured)

IJO standard, vegetable-oil-treated, food-grade bags for packing potato, fish, mussel, olive, onion, almond, beans, coffee, cocoa and corn with customized logos, labels and barcodes; sand bags for military and civil use; tobacco sheets and wrappers; bag liners, squares and fire-retardent bags/cloths

Treated Hessian

NJML is Bangladesh’s only FDA approved manufacturer of copper ammonium-bicarbonate treated nursery items for USA


For embankment and erosion protection (NJML is one of three soil-saver manufacturers in Bangladesh)

Carpet Backing Cloth (CBC)

Finest fabrics packed in rolls with widths up to 5.20 meters and continuous lengths of 1,000 yards

Sacking Bag

Rice, wheat, cocoa, coffee, sugar and flower bags; tarpaulins.


Slivers for automotive industries; laminated bags; geo-textile bags; shopping bags; nursery sheets

Joint Venture

We have established a joint-venture GerBan Fibres Ltd ( with century old German trading house Wilhelm G.Clasen ( for automotive applications.